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Langley FCU Visa

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Re: Langley FCU Visa

@someg33k wrote:

@peghede wrote:

First congrats on your approvals m8, second how many is to many inq?Can some one beat this (my inq): TU 166 , EQ 143, EXP 170

Congrats OP on the approval. Let us know what the CL is when you find out.


And to peghde.. are those inquiry numbers for real?!


Total revolving limits 732500 (606000 reporting) 12/4/20 FICO 8 scores: EQ 715 TU 760 EX 735
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Re: Langley FCU Visa

Peghede I don't have you beat but I'm close lol. Do you still get approvals I'm curious?
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Re: Langley FCU Visa

Yes those are all real ing, and btw is for the last 12 months only for two year i have like 70 more on each report. Yes i still get  approved and some cli, some not (too many inq like city ,bofa,barclay...) lol. also no closed acc from comenity (they look at my reports every 2 months)

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