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Lowe’s CLI

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Lowe’s CLI

So I am very shocked I've had my Lowe's card for about a year and have not been using it much besides a few random little things each month. I had a limit of 3,000 and figured why not request an increase since it's a sp and I meant to type in 6,000 as the amount I requested but I guess I must have typed in 60,000 because I got a notification that only a partial increase could be approved, but that "partial increase" being 35,000 is this a normal limit for this type of store card? Thanks!

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Re: Lowe’s CLI

Congrats on your Lowe’s CLI

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Re: Lowe’s CLI

Congratulations on your Lowe's CLI!


It is my understanding that $35K is the maximum limit on this card. 

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Re: Lowe’s CLI

WHOA!!! Typo for the win, haha! I guess there really is something to those who say to shoot for the moon. Congrats on your $35k card!

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Re: Lowe’s CLI

Fantastic CLI. Congrats! 👍🏼🎉🥳

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Re: Lowe’s CLI

Haha that was a nice little mess up.

That's a cool story there, congrats on the massive CLI! 

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Re: Lowe’s CLI

Whoa right to the top limit without POI, grats on it even though it was accidental. Limits above 35K will need POI.

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Re: Lowe’s CLI

Congratulations on your CLI!!  Hefty increase.  

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Re: Lowe’s CLI

Congrats on your Lowe’s CLI.

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Re: Lowe’s CLI

Congrats @Rosas23  great CLI & typo!

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