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Lowe’s CLI

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Re: Lowe’s CLI

@Rosas23 wrote:

So I am very shocked I've had my Lowe's card for about a year and have not been using it much besides a few random little things each month. I had a limit of 3,000 and figured why not request an increase since it's a sp and I meant to type in 6,000 as the amount I requested but I guess I must have typed in 60,000 because I got a notification that only a partial increase could be approved, but that "partial increase" being 35,000 is this a normal limit for this type of store card? Thanks!

That's the max limit for that card, congrats

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AmEx Cash Magnet $10k SL, CLI after 36hr to $20k- $30k CL
BB&T Rewards $11k SL- impulse application
BB&T Rewards $11k SL- AU, not on reports- impulse app (wife's card)
Discover $8800 CL- $1k SL- AU, no longer on reports b/c of error (wife's card)
Citi Double Cash WEMC $8400 CL- AU- (wife's card)
AmEx Cash Magnet $27,900 CL (wife's card)
BoA Cash Rewards $11k CL- AU (Dad's card)
BoA Premium Rewards $12.3k CL- AU (Dad's card)
PSECU Founder's Card $30k SL- AU (Dad's card)
AmEx Cash Magnet $30k CL- AU (Dad's card)
Wells Fargo Propel AmEx $3200 CL (AU, wife's card, not on CR b/c I was temporarily removed as an AU)

Credit Scores for both of us around 800, depending on what you pull & balances. All PIF, frequently before statement close
Goals: Buy a house, AOD VISA Signature card (or other 3% cashback), Chase Freedom Flex, $250k on CR, $100k NOT including AU accounts
Closed accounts (long period of inactivity): AmEx clear, Citi ThankYou (previously Driver's Edge), Chase Freedom, Cap One, Discover IT, Lowes, 1st REDcard, Visa, Children's Place, Kohl's, Angel Card (AU- wife's), Old Navy, Wells Fargo Active Cash (2%)- $2k SL- AU (wife's card)
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Re: Lowe’s CLI

Congratulations on your massive CLI and this should help with your UTI %

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Re: Lowe’s CLI

@Rosas23 Congrats! on Crazy CLI, they CLD'd mine, NO Lates!

12k to $7700. to $100. 

Good Job!

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CITI Simplicity 3.8k (PC'd to Rewards+ 6/21)
BofA Cash Rewards 4k
Amex Hilton Honors 3.1k
Amex BCP 1k
Discover It 1k
Lowe's Advantage 4100.
Business Cards
Amex Business Lowe's 3k
BMO Harris Biz Platinum Rewards 7.5k
Lowe's 4 Pros 2k
US Bank Biz Cash Rewards 3k
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Re: Lowe’s CLI

Congratulations on your CLI!!! Yes, 35K is the max on this card. 

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Re: Lowe’s CLI

Amazing!!! Grats! That will be awesome for your overall utilization ratio!

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Plans - Cancel Discover It BT and USAA PCR VS cards at 3Yr Annivs
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Re: Lowe’s CLI

Lowe's is nasty when it comes to CLI, they don't care. I went from applying, getting approved with $600 SL to a CLI of $17,000 within 20 minutes lol 

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Re: Lowe’s CLI


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Re: Lowe’s CLI

Nicely done @Rosas23 on your 1000%+ CLI...enjoy the added spend power! Smiley Wink



You're max'd out on CL for Lowe's!!!

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