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Lowes Approval

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Lowes Approval

Went into Lowes the other day for some paint supplies walked out with a store card with $2000 CLI and new appliances on the way on a special 84 month at 8.75% rate. Will pay off in 4 months. Took a 10 point hit on the fico. 

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Re: Lowes Approval

Congrats on your approval! 

Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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Re: Lowes Approval

Congrats Op. Slight confused, you say you walked out with a 2k CLI which implies you had the card and got it increased. A cli should not ding your score, an approval yes.

If you got an approval for 2k, you may try and up that with a quick call to Credit SolutionsSmiley Happy.
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Re: Lowes Approval

Congratulations on your approval and your new appliance deal!

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Re: Lowes Approval

Good for you.  Mine started off at $2,000.  $25,000 a year later.  You made a wise choice on the financing of appliances.  In that situation, leaving a balance on the card is expected.


I have FICOs in the 780s.  Synchrony just sent me a pre-approval for a BP gas card which has an APR of nearly 29%.  My Lowes card is 24.99%.  It's insanely high so I never leave a balance on the card.

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