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Lowes CLI

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Lowes CLI

I opened up my lowes card a few months back.  Starting Line 300.  I called overseas and got it bumped to 2k.  Waited a month and went to 6k.  Today I pulled the trigger on a CLI and went from 6k to 12k.



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Re: Lowes CLI

Amazon CLI went from 1500k to 3000k

Walmart from 4k to 6k

Discount Tire from 4k to 5k

Lowes from 6k to 12k

Denied BP and Care Credit CLI


10500 CLI today   not bad





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Re: Lowes CLI

I think they just keep forgetting that they already granted you a huge CLI lol congrats!!! You’ve grown that card a TON!

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Re: Lowes CLI

Nice work on a $300 SL!


Lowe's will grow as fast as your profile will support.  I took mine from $3000 to $30000 just a few days after the account was opened with a 2 minute phone call.  If you want more, all you have to do is ask.

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Re: Lowes CLI

  Starting Line 300. to 12k.

That'll Work, Congrats!!

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Re: Lowes CLI


awesome congratulations GIF by Slanted Studios

CONGRATS  on your Very Successful CLI strategy for Lowes!!!

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Re: Lowes CLI




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Re: Lowes CLI

Lowes in my opinion is an outstanding credit account holding (for everything hardware) and Synchrony a HUGE help in making it simple for folks to raise the limit without incurring FICO penalty points from INQ's on building it through increases periodically. Mine is 20K and very useful card.



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