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MASSIVE CLIs: $35, 000+ from GECRB, BOA, Chase, Citi... Mostly Soft Pulls!!!

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Re: MASSIVE CLIs: $35, 000+ from GECRB, BOA, Chase, Citi... Mostly Soft Pulls!!!

That's impressive!! Congrats.

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Re: MASSIVE CLIs: $35, 000+ from GECRB, BOA, Chase, Citi... Mostly Soft Pulls!!!

NewYorkGuy wrote:

I've been on a CLI roll this year. By the end of my mini CLI-spree today, I had accrued more than $35, 000 in increased credit lines from my creditors since the start of this year... including $15, 000 accumulated just today! I'm floored by some of the CLIs I've received from various creditors. My hard work trying to maintain an excellent credit profile is paying off big time. I got almost $20, 000 from GECRB alone; $10, 000 from Bank of America; $3, 000 from Chase; plus $1, 000 from Citi mostly with soft pulls. The Chase CLI was auto-generated but all the others were requested by me either online, through the automated phone system, or the respective backdoors for each creditor.


Here is the breakdown of the CLIs on a card by card basis (note: SP=Soft Pull; HP=Hard Pull):


GECRB cards:

CareCredit - $15, 000 increased to $18, 000 (done through automated phone system with all credit reports frozen; two month old account) SP

CareCredit - $18, 000 requested increase to $25, 000. Denied with HP on TU. Waiting for letter with reason, but I guess it’s because I received a CLI from them only a few weeks ago. I was been greedy. Smiley LOL

Walmart - $3, 200 increased to $7, 000 (done through GE backdoor) SP

JCP - $5, 000 increased to $10, 000 (GE backdoor) SP

Paypal - $2, 000 increased to $10, 000 (GE backdoor) SP


Total GECRB CLI = $19, 800


Bank of America:

Bank Americard Visa -- $2, 500 increased to $12, 500 = $10, 000 CLI (done through Credit Analyst at BOA backdoor) SP - what a surprise!


Chase Bank:

Chase Freedom Visa -- $2, 200 increased to $5, 000 = $3, 800 CLI (auto increased by Chase when 6th statement cut) SP

Chase Ink Cash Biz -- $7, 000 requested increase to $20, 000. Denied because I have EX frozen and that is what they pull. Anyways no HP so no biggie. Smiley Wink


Citi Bank:

Citi Simplicity Visa -- $9, 000 increased to $10, 000 = $1, 000 CLI (instant approval using online form 1 day before 6th statement cuts) SP


Discover Card:

Discover More -- $4, 000 increased to $4, 500 = $500 CLI (done online; converted card to Discover IT after CLI) SP



Barclays Platinum Rewards Mastercard -- $2, 500 requested increase to $10, 000. Requested through backdoor. Denied by two different credit analysts for having "sufficient credit" and "too many new accounts in last 12 months". They say they need to see more history on my accounts before they extend anymore credit to me. Smiley Sad They pulled a hard on Transunion and softed me on Experian. Off to the sock drawer they go. Smiley LOL



TOTAL CLIs ACROSS ALL CARDS = $35, 100. Smiley Very Happy






All CLIs were soft pulls except for Barclays and GE CareCredit through backdoor. I checked all three credit bureaus after the spree to confirm it. I will update if I get any more hards. I had all my reports frozen. However I had to unlock TU for the GECRB CLIs through the backdoor (even though they were soft pulls, the credit analysts said they couldn’t do a soft pull with my TU frozen which I thought was weird but I went ahead and unlocked it and indeed they were all soft pulls as they promised).


I got greedy and requested another CLI on my Walmart card just a few days after getting the CLI from $3200 to $7000 through the backdoor. I requested up to $20, 000 and it was declined. Unable to control my compulsion I called again to request $10, 000. I guess that was one too many. The analyst transferred me to their fraud department. All my GECRB accounts were locked. Smiley Surprised I called customer service and they removed the security lock after sending a verification code to my cell-phone and having me call back and tell them the code. Whew, that was close! I will take it easy with the GE backdoor from now on. Smiley Tongue


I’m still surprised by the BOA soft for such a massive CLI. I don’t know, maybe a hard will show up later in the week but as for now I’m counting myself lucky. My theory is that they used a soft they pulled from Experian when I requested a CLI last week. They had told me that I first have to unfreeze my TU before they can consider my request. However I noticed that they had soft my EX that same day. My TU was unlocked when I requested the CLI from them today so I guess the very nice credit analyst decided to use the soft from last Thursday and approve it based on that without a pulling a hard on TU.This is only a theory. I will update you if I see any HP from them.


All in all it was hugely successful CLI spree. I will lay low for now, let my new limits report and enjoy the bounce to my scores. My UTI will be lower than ever pushing close to 0% with the new limits. I am planning an App Spree in May of this year after a bunch of my inquiries fall off (in April) and most of the new accounts acquired last year pass their 6 month mark.Then after that, I plan to garden for the rest of the year. Smiley Happy


My current credit stats: 1.4 years AAoA (oldest account 3 years), 1% utility, $105, 000+ in total credit lines after today’s CLI spree.

FICO Scores: EX 747 (from Amex); TU 738 (from Walmart); EQ 726 (from



Wow!!  WOOOW....  That is truly awesome.. 


I went many many years and never saw CLIs until I came here and learned the methods that you all employ...  Nice..


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