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MASSIVE J CREW CLI!!! 200 X 17 vIa 'LUV TAPS' !!

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MASSIVE J CREW CLI!!! 200 X 17 vIa 'LUV TAPS' !!

U$1250- $4650 ($3400 Increase)  Smiley Very Happy


"Luv taps" term (which I love!) is courtesy of forum member Nikki183! 


A HUGE thank you to this wonderfully supportive, kind and informative forum, for all the knowledge and experiences shared!


Because of your willingness to take the time to post specific circumstances, data points and outcomes, I have been able to rebuild from a BK 2 y 7 mos ago, that left me with a FICO in the LOW 500's (I believe EQ 506 via a Discovercard denial letter), to where I am today! 


FICO 08 via Experian Credit Tracker:


EX 650

TU 653

EQ 665


Income is a bit north of 90K and as I mentioned I had a BK discharged Jan '15.  I have 4 baddies (30 day lates) that are from just before the BK and a perfect payment history since then.


Following are the details on my huge J Crew CLI as well as my data points and timeline - as best as I can recall -

for my credit in general.  I hope sharing this info will be of help and encouragement to others!


Firstly!  J Crew CLI. 

Opened account 6 months, 3 weeks ago. 

SL $250 (Seems SO low now, but I remember I was so absolutely THRILLED when I received the pop up, applied and was approved! Smiley Tongue)...

7 weeks after opening, online rec'd CLI of $200 


Since then and up to 31 days ago, app'd and rec'd $200 CLI every 31 days without fail. 

(NOTE:  I'm not sure how soon the multi CLI would have worked for me but probably like many of you, I didn't know that I had to completely sign out of my account to be able to apply for a CLI without getting the 7-10 day message.  From what I've been reading on the forum tho', it seems that this option has been successfully employed sometime in the 4-9mos after opening a JC account). 


FF to today .. I had been waiting until my 31 days from my last CLI, to give the multi CLI tactic a try.  OMGosh I was so nervous my hands were a bit shaky!   Then I found myself over the top excited when I successfully got a 2nd increase.  After my 3rd I was over the moon and had dreams of getting the 10-14 CLI's I'd read about. Smiley Very Happy  


I used incognito mode and once CL was granted, I signed out and then right back in again!  I did this 17 times and the 18th is when I got the red 7-10 day message. 


I am on cloud 9 right now... It's quite a surreal feeling to have boosted my credit - all SP! - in 15 minutes time! 


Ok so on to a few more data points for those what would like to know the credit situation as a whole when I applied for these CLIs.  




Limited $250/0

Cap One Plat $5000 /4330

Cap One Plat $3900 /3200

J Crew $1250 (at time of app'ing)/0


NOTE:  I did charge $6.71 for socks on sale, so my JC card would update my report to the proper CL of $1250 instead of the $850 it was stuck at for the last 4 months.  I also anticipated possibly getting a CLI via multi luv taps and wanted to be sure the new limit would be reported! 


Overstock $2200/0

West Elm $1550/0

Pottery Barn $1550/0

Discover (Finally! Smiley Happy) $1000/799

LL Bean Visa $5000/461


Overall UTI at 37-39% depending on which agency is SP'd.


Note the high UTI on Cap One cards.  They are at about 74-78%, so pretty close to (but not) 'maxed out'.


Well my friends... Hope this wasn't overkill LOL!  I hope this is useful for you and inspires you to be patient and to keep gardening as needed.  It has been painstaking and grueling, this work we do to build/re-build!  But, it is worth it in the end!   I have been trying my very best to make good choices and to be patient, but OMG it is SO hard sometimes! 


Best wishes to all my friends here on this fabulous forum, as you tend to your lovely gardens and portfolios!  Thank you again truly for all you have shared and all the moral support on my journey to Excellent Credit! 


NEXT GOAL:  700 CLUB! Smiley Very Happy


🌼 PeL


P.S.  I forgot to share that this CLI - once it (and my PIF payments, not including Cap One cards) post - will bring me under 30% aggregate UTI (I believe) so I'm very excited to so what happens with my score.  From what I've researched, my only significant negative (that I have any immediate control over) is my UTI - indiv & combined, so I am thrilled to see how things develop from here. 😁



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Re: MASSIVE J CREW CLI!!! 200 X 17 vIa 'LUV TAPS' !!


Good luck on your goal! With lowering your utility on your Cap1 cards, you will get there faster! 


Have you you tried to upgrade your Cap1 cards to QS? 


Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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Re: MASSIVE J CREW CLI!!! 200 X 17 vIa 'LUV TAPS' !!

Tap that....buttonSmiley Wink Great jobSmiley Happy
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