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Macy's CLI... like clockwork


Macy's CLI... like clockwork

Macy's is normally like clockwork every 4 months for me but Oct-Jan they are every 30 days.


10/11 - $5000 to $6500

11/13 - $6500 to $8000

12/13 - $8000 to $9500


I got this card 2 years ago with a $300 limit and have really only used it sparingly... probably only used it once this year.

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Re: Macy's CLI... like clockwork

Congrats on the increase. Time to put 10% up on that bad boy. I love Macy's. They have been lacking lately, but the value is still there. Usually I can get Nautica items for less than @ the Nautica outlet @ the mall.
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Re: Macy's CLI... like clockwork

Your post reminded me to request mine which I was approved. Beginning June, I went from $10,000 to $11,500, then $12,500 on Sept 26th, to $14,000 on Oct 5th and as of today $15,500. Can’t wait to get this shiny silver card to $20k!

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