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Macy's and Bloomies CLI! ....again!

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Macy's and Bloomies CLI! ....again!

Last month I asked for a CLI on my cards since I was within 30 days on opening the accounts, and I thought I would be declined or they would give me like $500, so I only asked to be increased to $3k. The computer came back fast with what I asked for to my surprise. I did it via CSR on the phone. 


I knew I had left money on the table but didn't want to ask again. Waited a little over 30 days, called in to CSR today and this time asked for $15k, they countered with $5.5k. 😉💳


12/01/16---Both cards approved online for $500 sl 

01/16/17---Both cards CLI to $3k

02/20/17---Both cards CLI to $5.5k


I had both cards many years ago. Macy's was IIB in 2013, and Bloomies was closed for non use in 2009.  Both old accts still reporting on reports, Macy's is negative, but Bloomies is positive.





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Re: Macy's and Bloomies CLI! ....again!

Crazy goodness PizzaSmiley Happy I have a feeling this year will be super duper for ya. Pssst, 10 more months.......Smiley Wink
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Re: Macy's and Bloomies CLI! ....again!

PIZZA.... seems like you're on your maintenance schedule and being productive.  Is it the holiday allowing you to spend the time to spruce things up?  Smiley Happy

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Re: Macy's and Bloomies CLI! ....again!

**bleep** that's some good CLi for such shortly opened cards. Congrats.
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Re: Macy's and Bloomies CLI! ....again!

That's Good News. Congratulations on your approval. Enjoy your new SL and use it wisely!
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