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I often see other members of this board talk about their low Macy's limits and wanted to share my story...


1/16:  Approved $100

7/16: CLI to $400

11/16: CLI to $600

12/16: CLI to $1,000

1/17: CLI to $2,000 (The CLI train seemingly died here)

7/17: CLI to $3,500 (This is when it starts getting good)

8/17: CLI to $5,000

10/17: CLI to $6,500

11/17: CLI to $8,000

12/17: CLI to $9,500

1/18: CLI to $11,000 (Seeing a trend?)

2/18: CLI to $12,500

3/18: CLI to $14,000

4/18: CLI to $20,000 (I know I left money on the table. I had been asking for $20k with each CLI expecting the $1500 and today they approved the $20k).


Never received a hard pull for any of the CLI.


Moral of the story... starting with $100 with Macys is not as bad as it seems.  Treat them right and it will grow.


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Re: Macy's

Nice growth. My card is at $6000 now. I’ll ask for more in July when I will need it for a furniture purchase.
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Re: Macy's


EQ.-743  |  TU.-736  |  EX.-706

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Re: Macy's

Congrats and nice data point and CLI

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Re: Macy's

lol congrats!!!,  and thanks for making me go to the site and request another CLI.  Approved from 9k to 15k.  Funny thing is I think i have used the card once or twice in a year.  

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Re: Macy's

Is your card a macy's amex card or a macy's retail card? Also how often do you use the card? Thanks!

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Re: Macy's

Store card and I dont use it. Used it one time in a year for 35 bucks or so. Pifed it and haven't used it since

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Re: Macy's

Interesting to hear they don't do hard pulls anymore. Last time I did a CLI with them was several years ago, but back then it was always a hard pull.

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Re: Macy's

Mine is also a store card and i have not used the card in over a year. Probably should buy a pair of socks or something.
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Re: Macy's

Awesome growth gabeerwin
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