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Macys Amex final CLI

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Macys Amex final CLI

Today marked exactly 31 days from my last cli so I logged in and requested to increase my limit 2k from 23k and was instantly approved for 25k. I was approved for this account 3 months ago for a 8k starting limit and was able to grow it to 25k in the exactly 3 months. I dont think any other card out there can grow that quickly in such a short period of time. Used the card a few times and paid in full. This is a great card to raise over all credit limits. Hope this helps some one out there. 

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Re: Macys Amex final CLI

Congrats on your CLI!! That is amazing to see it grow in a 3 month span. 

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Re: Macys Amex final CLI

Grats on your 25K CL Smiley Happy

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Re: Macys Amex final CLI

Congratulations on your Macy's Amex CLI!

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Re: Macys Amex final CLI

Congrats and Welcome to Macy's AMEX 25k club

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Re: Macys Amex final CLI


congrats! are these soft or hard pulls?


Goal cards:
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Re: Macys Amex final CLI

Wow, that's impressive!  Congrats on the CLI.

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Re: Macys Amex final CLI

@Lostinthegame  Thanks. All soft pulls. 

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Re: Macys Amex final CLI

Congrats for your CLI

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Re: Macys Amex final CLI

That’s terrific!  Congratulations on your Macy's CLI approval!! 👏🏼🎉🍾

Agreed that it is one of the faster growing cards without some of the angst that Sync Cardholder feel sometimes.  It's not often you hear about AA on these DSNB cards.  When the time is right, the next card they offer is with Bloomingdales.  Same set up, Store Card and AMEX flavor. While the same bank, the Bloomie's card doesn't grow at quite the same'll see growth but instead of it taking 3 months it may take closer to 9-12 months.  

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