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Macys CLI

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Macys CLI

I've been a macy's store card holder since 2006 (has it really been 12 years?). Anyway I was a college student then so my SL was $200 or $300, don't remember. Used it heavily, carrying balances near the limit. I got an auto CLI to $500 after a few years of using it. I stopped using it as much and they lowered my credit limit down to $300. Just yesterday after reading posts here, I went on my macy's account and used their 'credit limit increase request.' Because I have a CSR at $10.5k and Citi Costco at $8k, I requested for a $9700 increase to bring my limit to 10k but they countered with a 6k increase bringing up my new limit to $6.3k (SAY WHAT!?!). My nordstrom card is only at $4.3k so for macy's to exceed that is just WOW. I also logged on my dad's macy's store card account (I'm my parents' account manager) which had a $3.2k limit, I requested for a 6.8k increase to bring the limit to 10k and got countered a 6k increase bringing the new limit to $9.2k, his highest among his other cards surpassing the 6.8k limit on his Amex BCE. Our FICOs are on the low 700s and incomes just north of $100k. No HARD PULL alerts so far so they either did a soft pull and/or use an algorithm based on info customer inputs. Gonna wait another month or two to request another limit increase. Gonna go for at least 4k to bring my limit to at least  10k. But yeah, congrats and good luck!

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Re: Macys CLI

Congrats! My Macy’s is by far my fastest growing card.

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Re: Macys CLI

Congrats on the CLI

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