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congrats. back in july i applied for the freedom over the phone and was instand approved for 500. 

if i was reading this board like i do now. i wouldve def asked for a higher limit. 


but since chase doesnt look at store cards i only had 1 cc reporting a 500 limit... so im not complaining right now. 


next year on a cli hard pull obv, ill be asking for 5k 

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Hammer23 wrote:

Ok ,


So my TU FICO finally broke 700 and I decided agan to try for Lowes and Chase after being told no on several occasions.


I applied with Lowe's and was approved for $500, I was able to recon this to $1000 with little effort.



The big shocker is CHASE! I applied with them and was denied for a 4 year old bk. I answered a few questions and was asked for how much of a credit line I wanted. I said $5000 (figuring that my highest now is $4000) and they came back and said "Congradulations your application has been approved, I show your initial credit limit as $5000!"


WOW!!! From a TD to a $5000 limit! I am AMAZED!


Yay!  Congrats!  I was successful on my Chase recon for the Freedom after FOUR times.  LOL  And they gave me a $1000 CL.  Smiley Happy

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I had 3 successful with RECONS today.  Was approved for $500 for Barclay's Reward Mastercard, RECONED to $2500.  Lowes have me a limit of $300 last year and would not increase it, RECONED to $900 today.  Lastly, I said success with Discover Card Motiva Recon, $1000 CL.  BOFA was a failure, would not grant me credit.  Walmart did a CLI online from $500 to $700. Amex will not budge on my $1000 CL

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