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Mercury Mastercard Auto CLI

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Mercury Mastercard Auto CLI

Hey everyone, last May I had recieved a mailer for the Mercury Card, my scores still weren't great so I applied and got approved for $750 SL... I don't use the card much but when I have, I've paid it in full.  Logged in today and noticed sometime in the past 20 days they bumped me up to $2,250!  This card isn't anything special as can be seen by some posts on the board about it.  With that said it is nice to know they give Auto CLIs which is more than can be said for some cards out there.

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Re: Mercury Mastercard Auto CLI

Very nice $1500 auto bump! Congratulations!

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Re: Mercury Mastercard Auto CLI


awesome congratulations GIF by Slanted Studios

CONGRATS on your 3x auto CLI!!!

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Re: Mercury Mastercard Auto CLI

Congrats on auto luv CLI !!!!!



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