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Merrick Bank DYL Visa

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Merrick Bank DYL Visa

Had a pre-approved offer for Merrick Bank Double Your Line. Went ahead and accepted it. 


They definitely pulled experian. Sitting at 644 Fico 8 currently.


Credit Line: $600. Doubles to 1200 after 7 on time payments.

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Re: Merrick Bank DYL Visa

Congrats on the approval.

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Re: Merrick Bank DYL Visa


Starting Scores FICO 8 (Feb '18):
EX- 519, TU- 530, EQ- 545

Current Scores

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Re: Merrick Bank DYL Visa

congrats on ur approval, i had their card w/af, but they never raised mine. so just build it and more will come, youll see. $500 in 200k in just 4 years.

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