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Mini App Spree Approvals!

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Mini App Spree Approvals!

Applied earlier this week for an Amex BBP card as a catch-all to use with my Gold. Was approved with an SL of $2,000, which I'm content with since I don't feel like I need a huge limit since I'm a college student. I haven't been informed of any hard inquiries and it's been a couple of days, so at this point I don't see why one would come up. 


On a related note, received a CLI on my oldest open CC with my credit union from $1,000 to $5,000. It did require a hard pull, but I had my credit union use the same hard pull for an application for refinancing my car loan; on a somewhat unrelated note was approved for 3.91%! Much better than my old 7.16%.


Time to say goodbye to my silver spade? Lol

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Re: Mini App Spree Approvals!

Congratulations on your approvals!
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Re: Mini App Spree Approvals!


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Re: Mini App Spree Approvals!


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