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Mini Spree Reaults

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Mini Spree Reaults

Been so good for 6 mo and I broke down. Sort of happy with the Results tho.

Finally after 7 attempts in the last 3 years.... yes, 7!!!!!
Approved for Best Buy
Offered Both-Took Visa
Pulled EQ/FICO around 760/28 INQs-4 in Last 6 mo
SL $4k But got bumped to $5K after speaking with UW
Had to call in with a Reference Number/Sent Phone Text

Applied and Instant Approcal for Gap Visa
Pulled TU/FICO around 770/43 INQs-1 in Last 6 mo
SL was $2k (Kind if Bummed on this considering my Ebates Visa with them is $15k-But I know they grow fast)

Applied and Instantly Approced for Macy’s
Bummed-Thought I would get Amex-Only Got Store Card
Pulled EX, My Worst-FICO around 700/18 INQs-0 in Last 6mo
SL $500

And finally a CLI on my Amex BCE.
Denied at 61 Days
Started with $1k limit. I was happy to get in but that is so low. Most of my limits are 5 digits.
But... tried again at about 180 days from opening or 90 from the 61 day denial.
Denied for the $3k TTL/$2k CLI I asked for - Countered with a $1k bump to $2k. That’s a 100% increase so I took it.

Couple of questions.

1). What are Macy’s and Best Buy like on CLIs?

2). What are the rules with Amex Consolidations? I want to put my Amex ED into my BCE. ED is new. BCE is about 6 mo old. Too soon?

3). Thinking of going for a pre-Approved Total Rewards Visa as well. Who has this card and are you happy with it?

FICO 09 TU= 787 (Aug) EQ= 774 (Aug) EX= 801 (Aug) Favorites: Citi DC, AMEX Gold and U.S. Bank Cash+
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Re: Mini Spree Reaults

Congrats on the mini spree DjSmiley Happy

1) BEST BUY cli are hp. Macys can go either way but in my experience after some use and good payment history grows quite well. I started at $300 and am now at 10kSmiley Wink Did you apply in store or online?

2) i dont know the rules of transfering limits from an MR earning card to a Cash earning though maybe its mute if limits dont matter so much as not being able to pc . Sorry, may be confused . I think you need 1 card open at least 13 months to transfer limits?

3) No clue on the Total Rewards card, dont have nor inclined to add any more Comenity cards to my lineupSmiley Wink
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Re: Mini Spree Reaults

Thx as always AJC.
FICO 09 TU= 787 (Aug) EQ= 774 (Aug) EX= 801 (Aug) Favorites: Citi DC, AMEX Gold and U.S. Bank Cash+
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Re: Mini Spree Reaults


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Re: Mini Spree Reaults

Thx Gluvsc....

and answer your question... I applied online. For all 3. Best Buy gave me a choice between Visa and Store. Gap just gave me visa without asking. Macy’s gave me store. Was hoping for Amex. Hopefully I can upgrade at some point. I was surprised because I thought you needed to apply in store for Amex. Really surprised I didn’t get the Amex but they obviously didn’t like something. As far as Best Buy... is it the standard wait 6 mo before trying for a CLI?

And you have 10k on your Macy’s and it isn’t the Amex? How many HP’s did you take to get that? I’m gonna have to read up on these now. Still shocked I got Best Buy. Been trying for so long... even the last year when my scores were high 700’s they still didn’t like me. Must have been my INQs. I basically gardened for 6 mo and now they gave it to me.

FICO 09 TU= 787 (Aug) EQ= 774 (Aug) EX= 801 (Aug) Favorites: Citi DC, AMEX Gold and U.S. Bank Cash+
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Re: Mini Spree Reaults

Yeah i understand one has a better shot at Amex version in store. Im not sure on how many hps i took but i do know i took a few in the begining. One was a doozy for $600 bucks lol. But i actually hit a streak of like 3 times in a row where they were sp. Though now that my Eq is frozen again, seems i cant get the sp luv anymore. I love the fact the BB offers the choice, especially great if you're rebuilding. Wish Wally did that lol. Store or MC , so much less agrevation Smiley Wink
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Re: Mini Spree Reaults

Dj, A big congrats on your successful mini spree.

I have been really lucky with CLIs with Macy's (not AmX) and only 1 HP, and that was when I applied for card in store.

July 2016 - Approved for $1K. Called and asked for $600 more because furniture was $1.6K. Approved.

Jan 2017 - $400 Auto CLI

Mar 2017 - Requested SP $3K CLI via phone. Approved

May 2017 - Requested SP $2.5K CLI via phone. Approved

When I called, I specifically said I was only requesting a CLI if it was a SP.

GL on your future CLIs.

DEC 2019: EX 816, TU 820, EQ 810
DEC 2018: EX 777, TU 783, EQ 799

|| AmX Cash Magnet $40.5K || NFCU CashRewards $30K || Discover IT $24.7K || Macy's $20K || NFCU CLOC $15K || CitiCostco $12.7K || NFCU Platinum $12.5K || Apple Card $6.5K ||
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Re: Mini Spree Reaults

TRV will end up being a HP even with the popup so if you want the card,, just app for it

Congrats on your approvals

3/2016 EX 644 CK-TU 642 CK-EQ 660 WalMart- 671.
>12/2020 CCT EX 821 TU 826 EQ 840

"Survival kit contents check. In them you'll find:

- One forty-five caliber automatic
- Two boxes of ammunition
- Four days' concentrated emergency rations
- One drug issue containing antibiotics, morphine,
vitamin pills, pep pills, sleeping pills, tranquilizer pills
- One miniature combination Russian phrase book and Bible
- One hundred dollars in rubles
- One hundred dollars in gold
- Nine packs of chewing gum
- One issue of prophylactics
- Three lipsticks
- Three pair of nylon stockings.

Shoot, a fella' could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff."

Major Kong (Slim Pickens) in Dr. Strangelove 1964
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Re: Mini Spree Reaults

I'm cancelling my Total Rewards Visa in a week.  I don't gamble or stay in casino hotels.


Has a high APR.  If might help you in your scheme of things.  Never had any problems with transactions.  If you ever want to cancel the card, they don't ask questions.  Easy cancelization.


It served its purpose with me.

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Re: Mini Spree Reaults

Thx for the info and the congrats.
Kind of feeling bummed I stepped out of the garden as I was doing so well.... but still happy on 2 of my 3 approvals. Smiley Happy
FICO 09 TU= 787 (Aug) EQ= 774 (Aug) EX= 801 (Aug) Favorites: Citi DC, AMEX Gold and U.S. Bank Cash+
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