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Mini-app Spree

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Mini-app Spree

Well, i started with the Kohl's account today, and decided since I applied, that I'd take advantage and pick up a few more cards. Here they are in order of approval


Target- Approved $300 spending limit

Paypal 2% MC- Approved, $300 spending limit

Amazon store card- Denied

Walmart Store Card- $200 spending limit


I'm going to cool it and let these grow. My scores are 625 TU and 633 Experian. I've been in the rebuild stage since August, and feel good. I know these are smaller approvals, but I feel good about it.


I have 3 medical collections, and an auto loan chargeoff. All about 4 years old.


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Re: Mini-app Spree

Congrats on the Approvals....We all Gotta Start Somewhere...Time to let them grow Smiley Happy

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Re: Mini-app Spree

Thank you! Especially after getting denials on every one of these cards 3-4 months ago, I feel good! Smiley Happy

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Re: Mini-app Spree

You can call to ask for a higher limit on the Walmart card. 😉
Let these grow and don't app for a while.
BK CH7--Filed September 25, 2018--D/C Jan.4, 2019
{FICO8 Feb.12, 2019--TU 580--EX 600--EQ 626}

Credit One Visa ($500 now $700) Nov. 2018
SelfLender (2 year) Nov. 2018
Capital One Platinum MC ($2000) Jan. 2019
Target RedCard ($500) April 2019
Venus Comenity ($500) May 2019 no HP

FICO 8 SCORES: 06-02-2019616 TU613 EX638 EQ
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Re: Mini-app Spree



Super Congrats on all of your approvals! Smiley Very Happy


Quick question regarding your Target card: Did they pull Equifax?

If I'm not mistaken, TD Bank approves both Target and Nordstrom.

Congrats again on your approvals. Enjoy the cards and let them grow!!! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Mini-app Spree

Congratulations on your approvals....keep up the good work...Smiley Happy

American Express Business Gold(NPSL 10k) Chase CSP (25k) BofA CR Siggy (20.8k) BofA BBR (22.1k) Pier 1(22k) Amex BCP(18k) Overstock (21.1K) Lowes (17K) NFCU CLOC (15K) NFCU VS Cash (15K) Care Credit (15k) J Crew( 11.9k)Venture WMC (10.25k) Amex Everyday (10k) Chase Slate (10k) Walmart MC(10k) BB Visa (10k) Discover(9.5k☝️) PayPal Cashback Mastercard (8k) Chase FU (7.4k) Citi AAdvantage Gold World Elite (9.5K) Citi Double Cash (8.5k) Fidelity® Rewards Visa Signature® Card (6.5K) PenFed PCR (5K) PayPal Credit (4550)Discover (4.5k✌️) Kohls (3k) Chase Freedom (1500)

Mortgage May 2017 - 2 auto loans (1 PenFed and 1 Navy) Aug 2018=98K
Gardening until Aug 2020

FICO 8 Scores EX 704(7) EQ 712(9)TU 719(10)
AAOA 3.10yrs TCL=331,100
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Re: Mini-app Spree

Congrats on the approvals! Also, if you havn't already, I would definitely post in the rebuild forum regarding the 3 medical collections. Those can be removed.

Scores - All bureaus 750 +/-
TCL - Est. $275K
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Re: Mini-app Spree



I'm not sure if Target pulled equifax, and I'd be surprised if I was approved with them pulling equifax. I haven't had any notification yet from Target, but I'll be sure to update when I find out.

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Re: Mini-app Spree



Yes, TD Bank pulled equifax. Surprising, because it's my worst report/score.

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Re: Mini-app Spree

Congrats on all your approvals!!


4/14/18 EQ: 653 TU: 666 EX: 669

9/29/18 EQ:729 EX:712 TU: 715

7/14/19 EQ:754 EX:733 TU: 755
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