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Mini little App Spree!

Auto Loans for ANY Credit Situation. Immediate Response.
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Mini little App Spree!

Hey guys!!
First, I'd like to thank everyone for sharing their experiences with applications and approvals! If it wasn't for this forum I wouldn't have applied for 3 cards Smiley Very Happy

I don't have any real scores but CK has me at 753 TU and 740 EQ. My fico score on my WF app updates tomorrow so I'll update this post tomorrow. Average age is 2 years and 2 months. 2 credit cards with total of $3800 line. 4 deffered student loans. Utilization 29% Also I'm 21 and still in school. 100% payments



1) Citibank aadvantage gold world elite mastercard $3500 SL

2) AMEX BCE $1000 SL

3) Chase amazon prime visa gave me 30 day message, called and they said i was approved for $500. lowest SL but I'm glad to have my foot in the door with Chase. 


I am very excited for all my new cards!!!! Couldn't have done this without this website!!!! Now to the garden I go!

WF Cash Wise $3.6k | Macy's $3k | Citi AAdvantage Gold $4.5k | Amex BCE $3K | Chase Amazon Prime Visa $1k | Gardening until June 2020
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Re: Mini little App Spree!

Congrats on your new cards!

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Re: Mini little App Spree!

Congratulations!  Enjoy your new tradelines, use them responsibly and build for your future!

Back In the garden June 2019 until TBD
FICO 8 Scores (Inquiries) May 29, 2019

Military Star - $8.7K | FCCU Platinum Signature VISA - $13K | Care Credit - $25K | Barclay AA Red MC - $5K | Best Buy Citi Visa - $3K | Cap1 Savor - $3.1K | USAA Signature VISA - $6K | PFCU Power Cash Rewards Signature VISA - $28.5K | CSR $15K | USAA AMEX - $12K | AMEX BCP - $35K | Chase Freedom Signature Visa- $7.5K | HSBC Rewards MC - $1.75K | CITI DC - $10.3K | Discover It - $16K | NFCU Cash Rewards Signature Visa - $10K | NFCU CLOC - $15K | TD Ameritrade Client Rewards Visa - $1.5K | Chase FU Signature $15K | Citi AA Plat MC $13K
AAoA 6 Yrs 10 Mos AoOA 16 Yrs 2 Mos AoYA 1 Mos
Currently 13/24
4/24 on 1/14/20
1/24 on 3/15/20
0/24 on 3/20/21
Installment Loans
BMW $36.4K of $65.3K @ .99% (44.3% Paid)
Student Loans $32K of $66.65K @ 2.75% (51.93% Paid)
Annual Income ~ $110K
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Re: Mini little App Spree!

Thank you guys!!!!

WF Cash Wise $3.6k | Macy's $3k | Citi AAdvantage Gold $4.5k | Amex BCE $3K | Chase Amazon Prime Visa $1k | Gardening until June 2020
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