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Mission Lane Visa AUTO CLI

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Re: Mission Lane Visa AUTO CLI

@alexga wrote:

Congrats! They were the first one (and more reasonable) company to send me an offer in the mail when I started my journey to rebuild. Low limit of $300 and I got an increase of $100 a month ago. I also pay $59 af. I sent them an email to see if there is a way to negotiate that but I got that answer:


Hi Alexandre,

Thank you for contacting us.

We strive to stay in line with industry standards so that we may provide quality service to all of our cardholders. This includes offering rates and terms that are comparable to our competitors.

At this time, we are unable to change the rates and terms of your card. When you submitted your application, you agreed to the terms of the cardholder’s agreement. Therefore, we will not be able to reduce or waive the Annual Membership Fee. 

If we are able to lower your rates in the future, we will notify you via your online dashboard at


Geez that sucks. They should do it for your line. 😐 


 But Oh I'm going to call them closer to my one year anniversary. And make sure there's a zero balance when I ask, "is $59 worth keeping me as a customer?"  If it's not, buh-to-the-bye miss lane!  

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Re: Mission Lane Visa AUTO CLI

Congrats on the CLI! I've had this card, formely Lend Up, going on 2 years next month.  I've gotten one CLI and that was in April last year, before the buy out, for $200.  I've been sitting at $700 ever since.  Any CLIs they give out is incredibile to me.

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Re: Mission Lane Visa AUTO CLI

@Back2Reality   Congrats on your CLI.  I closed mine since they don't like to waive the $59 AF and I only got $200 increase in 2 years.  Good luck.

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