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Moving on up!

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Re: Moving on up!

Congrats on the approvals and on your rebuild so far!

Scores - All bureaus 750 +/-
TCL - Est. $275K
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Re: Moving on up!

Congrats on your approvals!! Definitely moving on up!
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Re: Moving on up!

Congrats on the approvals. Slow and steady wins the race. 

Starting Score: TU 527, EQ 543, EX 563
Current Score: TU 690, EQ 677, EX 694
Goal Score:725 Across The Board

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Re: Moving on up!

Congrats on the approvals. Great things take time especially when it comes to building/rebuilding credits. I find story like yours inspiring so thanks for sharing and good luck on the rebuild! 

Current status: Gardening as of 5/2019 Projected: TBD

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Re: Moving on up!

Congrats on all of your approvals and slow and steady is the way to go with your rebuild.

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Re: Moving on up!

Congrats on the approvals.

Regarding CAP1 combining limits, I believe CAP1 is not allowing this at this time. Hopefully in the future for you!

Signature is current as of 10/01/19. Clean file.
FICO 8 EQ=785 TU=783 EX=766
FICO 9 EQ=804 TU=792 EX=783
AAoA=2Y10M AoOA=9Y8M AoYA=3M
Vantage Scores EQ=791 TU=758 EX=775
Hard pulls last 06 months EQ=1 TU=2 EX=2 ONE new account reporting.
Hard pulls last 12 months EQ=1 TU=2 EX=3 TWO new accounts reporting.
Hard pulls last 24 months EQ=12 TU=17 EX=17 TWELVE new accounts reporting. A lot of inquiries from mortgage rate shopping. I haven't been denied a credit application in a long time.
Utilization averages under 3%. I auto pay in full. I don't worry about AZEO. Everyday spend on all personal cards averages 4-6k monthly.
GOALS=My goal is to have all 3 FICO 8s above 780 and 20k+ limits on all cards.
INCOME=$240k as of 07/01/19 and what I use for income requests for current and any potential credit partners. DTI=3.7%
So you can track data points for what bureau is pulled for applications based on where one lives, I live in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
Mortgage opened 06/18. Paid off 05/19.
Vehicle loan opened 08/18. Zero down. 45K at 0% for 60 months LINCOLN FINANCE no POI/COSTCO purchase. I will keep this open at 0% and not pay it off as it is my only installment account now and it's free money to invest.

CHASE FU=24.1k 07/19 AMEX BCP=24k 06/18 CITI COSTCO VISA=8.5k 06/18 DISCOVER=30k 10/17 PENFED PLATINUM REWARDS=10k 07/18 US BANK CASH+=3.5k 06/18 CITI BEST BUY VISA=4k 11/17 CAP1 GMC MC=3K 12/17


Pre-approved for all personal and business CHASE non-cobranded cards per business relationship manager in branch. All by-passing 5/24 with fixed apr. Thinking of how to get all of them in an orderly way. (CFU 07/19 1ST DONE) (BUSINESS UNLIMITED 09/19 2ND DONE) I do have my business checking running through CHASE averaging $100k a month in deposits as of 10/01/19. Company (KELSTAR) incorporated 06/18.
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