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My 2nd Amex CLI? [UPDATE]

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Re: My 2nd Amex CLI?

I just happened to remember that my last Amex CLI was on June 30 because I started gardening on July 1.  Of course, that didn't last long.  So based on that it looks like I made my request at 189 days.  I haven't really been counting days.


I don't even remember the exact date on my last Citi CLI, but I remember it was mid November, so I know to try again in late May.  I don't care if I'm "late" by a week or so.

I really only keep up with CLI dates on Amex and Citi since my other issuers do HP on requested CLIs.  They're supposed to be 6 months apart so it's not much to keep up with.  Oh and Cap1 does SP CLIs, too, but that card is a permanent resident of the sock drawer so I don't really care to increase it and they probably won't give me anything anyway.

I kinda have a policy of not burning any HP on CLI.  I'd rather save my HPs for products with earning features I don't already have and I can always move credit around if needed.

I've only done an HP for CLI twice.  Once was for a CLI on my Citi DC as soon as I received it which I wish I hadn't done.  They bumped me from $4500 to $6000 and the SP CLI page showed up on my account a few weeks later.  I still had to wait 6 months, though, before they would give me another one.  The other HP was for a CLI on my Synovus card which has no info online about CLI policies so I was flying blind on that one.  They increased me from $1K to $9K so it was actually totally worth it, but I probably won't ask for any more from them.

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