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My Amex Hilton Ascend Pre Approval Story

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My Amex Hilton Ascend Pre Approval Story

Hi all. Long time Amex card holder here since 1991. Currently I only have the Blue Cash Everyday and the Classic (Nostaglic) Optima Platinum. After reading and reading all of the helpful posts about Amex I had finally made my decision to get the New Hilton Honors Ascend card.  I like Hilton and I like the bonus and I know from this site there should be no HP inquiry since I am preapproved by Amex, when I select that card in My Offers.  

Yesterday I pulled the trigger. There were only 2 questions.  I answered, hit submit, 8 seconds later Approved flashed on the screen. Then Thank you for your application….Your new card will arrive in 3 to 5 days.

There was no thrill fanfare with seeing the new limit, that was a letdown.  I pressed Continue and the site asked if I wanted to make online purchases now I could get temporary account information and make purchases now. I chose to just wait for the card.


Then an automated email. Thank you for application, we are reviewing your request and it gave a reference number. I thought that a Bit strange, because I saw the Approved so anyway I figured I’m good. I really did not want to call in to CSR.


Later in the afternoon, I got an email from Amex, they were adding my profile to my new card. That was all of the details. No thank you for your business, or this is your limit, Welcome….nothing like that. BUT, I knew the card was being processed and last 5 digits of the new card number were on the email.


This morning, an email from Hilton arrived saying Congratulations you are now Gold. That was fast, efficient, and I was glad for that. That was nice.


This afternoon I go into my profile hoping to see my new card…..No new card. BUT!!! On my BCE I noticed my $25K limit was reduced to $12,100.  Ugghhhh, they reallocated limit to the new card. I was hoping that would not happen, at least not to that extent! So, now I call to the CSR.

Yes, that’s what happened. They used the $12,900 for the new card (frm my BCE) and added (only) $7,100 to the new card limit to make it a total $20K on the Hilton card. I explained to the rep I wish I would have known, that would have impacted my decision to apply. I would not have asked for the new card. Anyway, best she can do without a HP was she increased the BCE to $14,000, so a bump up $1,100. 

I kind of have mixed feels over this and thought I should share this story, in case others were thinking of adding another Amex revolver.

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Re: My Amex Hilton Ascend Pre Approval Story

Sorry this happened OP. You were probably about $7100 away from you max. ceiling with AMEX and that's why they did that--although they could have just approved your new card for the $7100 and left your other CL intact...? You can probably have the CL on you BCE restored after the new card arrives and take a reduction on the Hilton card.

This is the main reason I'm now reluctant to app for more than one one revolver with AMEX or B of A--ciphoning. Expesically if I suspect I may be close to my max limit.

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Re: My Amex Hilton Ascend Pre Approval Story

Sounds like you hit your internal limit.  I did the same when I went for a cli on my now Ascend card, did the income verification for a whopping $700 cli.  So, I'm at 30.2K, not counting my Plat's "spending power".  I did just receive my AE HHR card, from my Citi HHR, with $4.5k on it.  I'll wait a year, then transfer the limit to my Ascend.  Not counting on a cli anytime soon!

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Re: My Amex Hilton Ascend Pre Approval Story

Sorry for the CL swiping. I've had the same happen to me with Amex in the past and BofA. I've figured out that ceiling is a moving one. Give it 181 days from the CLI they gave you and asked for another. You might get a nice surprise!
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Re: My Amex Hilton Ascend Pre Approval Story

 Congrats So Sorry OP it does happen to alot of us. Boa has done it to me muti times.

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