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My Credit Journey

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My Credit Journey

Hi Guys,

My First ever post here.


I arrived to New York for work from Asia on January. So here's is how my credit journey looks like.


First ever card applied

Discover ( February )

Approved instantly for $1500 credit limit


Second Card

Amazon Store Card (March)

Denied after review(one day) by Chase stating no credit history


Third Card

Chase Slate ( I went to bank personnel to apply for this. This was only visa card i prequalified for.)

Approved after review (1 day) for $1400 credit Limit


Fourth Attempt

Amex Blue Cash Everyday ( May 29)

Approved instantly for $5000 credit limit ( Card on the way, 


I would be applying for BankAmerica Travel Card and Rewards card next in coming weeks. Since i have been banking with them for about 5 months.


So i almost got rewards card of all sort, Travel card should complete my portfolio.

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Re: My Credit Journey

I probably wouldn't app for anymore til next year. 3 primes will really get u going
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Re: My Credit Journey

Thanks for responding. I didn't get you when you meant three prime's.


I plant to have just 4-5 cards then forget about applying forever. I am not a heavy user, but first time moved into new apartment, highest utilization was $1187 on my Discover. Other than that my maximum cap has been around 400$ - 600$ per month, some times goes over $800 when i needed to buy some electronics for family back in asia.

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