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My Final Navy success story

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My Final Navy success story

With things getting worse, and heading for another 3 week lockdown, unlike many with secure jobs, i can only take a day at a time and  between Dads falling  health, helping my sister and nephew , and mounting debt, im probably going to step away from the credit game. But before i do, i thought id at least share a milestone that i recently achieved with Navy Federal. It aint no 100k credit card but for me it was something that just seemed impossible but happened nonethelessSmiley Wink.


Earlier in the month i decided to try for a cli on my $1500 Plat, that started out as a $500 cc. Tried and got recent change denial. Lol, you know me, a week later tried again for s & g since my reports are locked. 2 days later i checked my account and the limit was different! Approved! I asked for $5k and got it ! This now put my Navy exposure at 30k! Not alot for those who get instant 25k cards but heck , i dont even make that. 


About a week later, with a smorgasboard full of hps from Navy still on my TU , reports still locked, i figured what the heck, i know i have 6 months since last cli on my CR. It currently had a cl of 25k which i never imagined i could get, took me three years to achieve. So without thinking  too much lol, filled in the form and put 30k . Lol, no way is Navy giving me that haha. They know exact money i make . 2 days later check my account and unbelievably,  approved for 4k to 29k!! Highest amount ever! NO POI either!


Navy has now entrusted me with $34k in credit, in which i dont even come close to making whereas other CUs dont even trust me for more than $1k, Service CU looking at youSmiley Wink


So thank you Navy! Its a blessing but also scary because i dont think i could ever reaccomplish this if ever i had to start again. Thank you all who have made my experience in credit a pleasant one, couldnt have done it without you. Blessings AJC🙋‍♂️


Dps, EQ Fico 9 728 , at time of requests, hps TU 19, Ex 12, Eq 28 , AaoA 3.3 income, inadequateSmiley Wink 


Special shout outs to @Anonymous @Anonymous  and @Anonymous  whom i know are LIErs and would appreciate this achievmentSmiley Happy. @Anonymous  you know im a pm away 😇 Anyone else not mentioned you all know how i feelSmiley Happy. Hope everyone can make it safely through this crappy Pandemic.🙏

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Re: My Final Navy success story

Congratulations on your CLI @AverageJoesCredit , also I'm wishing you well. I hope everything works out for you and pls stay healthy.

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Re: My Final Navy success story

Save the best for last un- @AverageJoesCredit ....too special.  Enjoy and congrats!

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Re: My Final Navy success story

@AverageJoesCredit  Sweet!!! Enjoy your time off, but don't stay away to long!!! We need you 'round these parts! Your posts have inspired me on several occasions! 😉 

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Re: My Final Navy success story


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Re: My Final Navy success story

Congrats AJC!!! That makes me so happy for you!!! Looking for any kernel of a win in this sh*tstorm!!!

My best to you and family!! Stay safe buddy!! We're going back into mandatory isolation for most!!

Smiley Happy

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Re: My Final Navy success story

Congrats on all of your credit success @AverageJoesCredit . Wishing you and your family well!! 

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Re: My Final Navy success story

Sweet, grats on the success with Navy!!

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Re: My Final Navy success story

Congratulations on your CLI! That's a great limit.
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Re: My Final Navy success story

Congrats on the increase, AJC!

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