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My Final Navy success story

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Re: My Final Navy success story

Congrats on the increase @AverageJoesCredit as you definitely deserve it!  Wishing you peace and much happiness during this holiday season and beyond!

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Re: My Final Navy success story

@AverageJoesCredit  Congratulations, that is so exciting! Navy is amazing! That's so encouraging.

You and your family will be in my prayers at this time. I know a little bit about what it's like to be caring for an ailing family member and what it can do to your finances. I am wishing you all the best. We LIEers have to stick together!


You have an advantage right now because you're educated about credit and can better recover and/or avoid many problems that a lot of us have had when faced with a situation like this. I am confident that you'll come out ahead in the end! Cat Happy 

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Re: My Final Navy success story

Congratulations on your CLI's! Thank you for sharing this info with us! Sending prayers up for you and your family! 


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Re: My Final Navy success story

Congratulations on the CLIs, AJC! I really hope things work out for you and your family. 

OK, one month so far...
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Re: My Final Navy success story

Huge Congrats @AverageJoesCredit  for accomplishing what you thought was the impossible!! Couldn't have happened to a better human being. 😀 Your contributions to this forum have been invaluable. And a true inspiration I'm sure to most who frequent these forums. All the best to you, be blessed and well throughout this rough season ahead.🙏💪

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Re: My Final Navy success story


Big, big Congratulations to your CLI success! I am so happy for you AJC enjoy your New CL !! 👍😀

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Re: My Final Navy success story

First I want to wish you and your family good health in these tough times.

Second, that was a hella Navy story!

You've earned it, big time congratulations to you!!

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Re: My Final Navy success story

Congratulations on your NFCU success!

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Re: My Final Navy success story

Congrats AJC! You and other guys you mentioned are an inspiration to many and seem to have to work twice as hard to achieve those goals. The DPs and input you guys have given here has made so much easier for a lot of us. Since Dec of last year I have been helping my Mom build her credit. She's retired, so her $25K per year and zero (ever) credit history has made it a much trickier to navigate. With what I've learned here you guys, in a little over a year I have managed to help her a get Chase (Amazon) card, Cap 1 (Walmart) card, Sync Lowe's, and she was just approved for an AMEX Blue Cash Everyday card this week. Her combined limits are a little over $10K and with the help and knowledge I've received here, I was able to do it by first making her an AU on my oldest cards and then strategically applying for the right cards and knowing when to ask for CLI's. I was able to start her credit journey with no junk cards and only one toy limit. 

I could not have done this without the help of you guys! 

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Re: My Final Navy success story

Congratulations buddy D, Sorry to hear about your dad. Hugs my friend

Congrats again Smiley Happy

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