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My Final Navy success story


Re: My Final Navy success story

Nicely done @AverageJoesCredit!

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Re: My Final Navy success story



First, prayers and positive thoughts on the way for your dad.  I know you are doing the best you can for him. Enjoy him and appreciate the fact you still have him with you. If there is anything I can for you, PM me and I'll do what I can to help. I know your family appreciates everything you do for them.

Also congratulations on your NFCU CLI.  That's great to see. I love reading the success you always have. I have been talking to a loan officer about getting a HELOC to finance my remodel I want to do sometime soon. From my conversation, if you have direct deposit with them, they only ask for POI for mortgages, HELOCS, and large loans.  They are still one of my favorite credit unions.

Finally, we all have had struggles that we survived. I firmly believe that we will survive the challenges and uncertainty we are facing today and in the near future. I look forward to reading your financial adventures soon!



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Re: My Final Navy success story

Congratulations!! So very happy for you. 

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Re: My Final Navy success story

Thank you all my friends , fellow MFers, and LIErs ❤ Reading your commentary has braught more joy then you will ever know and i wish the world could rotate on the positivity that emanates from you guys and galsSmiley Happy.  Stay safe, healthy, and most importantly, continue helping each other for without it we are just numbers and i much prefer being  a LetterSmiley Wink A..J...C...😁🙋‍♂️😊

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Re: My Final Navy success story

@AverageJoesCredit  congrats on your increase and new milestone! 

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Re: My Final Navy success story

Big congrats on everything you've achieved despite having the deck stacked considerably against you. You've done more with less than many higher earners have and that's remarkable.


More importantly, best hopes and wishes to you going forward with the challenges life is throwing at you with the family situation and what Covid has done to your area. If anyone can come out on top, it's you. You've more than proven that many times over.

Much admiration for you my friend. We are all in your corner and as a few others have said, I'm only a PM away if I can ever help out or especially if you ever decide to venture up the NY way! Hope to see you again soon here Smiley Happy

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Re: My Final Navy success story

Congrats Joe on your Navy love

Its always great to see one of us low-ballers hit a home run

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- Two boxes of ammunition
- Four days' concentrated emergency rations
- One drug issue containing antibiotics, morphine,
vitamin pills, pep pills, sleeping pills, tranquilizer pills
- One miniature combination Russian phrase book and Bible
- One hundred dollars in rubles
- One hundred dollars in gold
- Nine packs of chewing gum
- One issue of prophylactics
- Three lipsticks
- Three pair of nylon stockings.

Shoot, a fella' could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff."

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Re: My Final Navy success story

Side-eye/watchful eye kat didn't get recognized, but would like to congratulate you on your NFCU achievements!  Keep your chin up @AverageJoesCredit and keep on marching strong.  Sending positive vibes your way and the beautiful island of PR + hoping for 2021 be an even more fruitful year for ya.



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Re: My Final Navy success story


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Re: My Final Navy success story

@FinStar wrote:

Side-eye/watchful eye kat didn't get recognized, 



Ahahahaha!  Funny cat....but a little spooky too.  


@LeilaniS   Howdy Island Sistah, what the heck does PB mean (hee hee).... peanut butter?  


@AverageJoesCredit I was just thinking about all y'all have had to deal with in PR. Have y'all even recovered to 50% from all the Hurricanes and TS from the past few years?   Between that and the Downturn/Pandemic combo it's hard to imagine what all you've have had to deal with.

((((( Come on 2Heart21 )))))


Tell POPS Hey! from Georgia and I'll send some peach cobbler next season. 

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