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My First Amex!

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My First Amex!

It feels amazing to finally get approved for an Amex, I got approved for the BCE on a prequalify check. No idea what the limit is as I had to call in to confirm identity due to fraud alert on my file. Now I can cancel my garbage starter card I have (First Access)!


Couldn't get approved for a pack of gum last year haha


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Re: My First Amex!

Congrats on your approval.


Nice forward progress on your scores since December!

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Re: My First Amex!

Congrats!! I'm sure you'll get at least 1k.
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Re: My First Amex!

Also some data points for those wondering


650 FICO8 EX

9 INQ (10 with this app, gardening for a while)

6 CO Accounts(all paid and super old, 4-5 months from EE on all of them)

1% UTL on my cards ($34/$3850)

21% UTL on AU cards ($2500/$12000)

16% Overall UTL


Was declined for this same card a few months ago.


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Re: My First Amex!

Very happy to read about your progress. Congrats!!
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Re: My First Amex!

Congrats on Approval .. Welcome to Amex family

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Re: My First Amex!

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Re: My First Amex!

Might be time to get off those AU cards unless they are helping your AAoA.

Great job on the progress!!

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Re: My First Amex!

congrats, enjoy your new AMEX.
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Re: My First Amex!

Awesome jobSmiley Happy. Once those CO fall off, you going to be ballinSmiley Wink.
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