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My very first Credit Card approved!

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Re: My very first Credit Card approved!

Welcome and congrats on your approval!

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Re: My very first Credit Card approved!

@Anonymous wrote:

Congrats! Another card you may want to look into is Petal, but I’d focus on growing and maintaining the cards you have right now for several months. Discover is great. Good luck on your credit journey!


edit: you may want to look into the Deserve credit card too!

Congrats Op on uour first cardSmiley Happy


Vantageheart, whydo you recommend Petal? Having a card that wants access to all your financial logins doesnt  make sense to me and im sure t by ere aee oyher options out there to help establish credit.  Having just got a Discover card, op is just a stones throw away from perhaps getting an Amex or a Cspito One card. 

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Re: My very first Credit Card approved!

@Anonymous wrote:

I am new to this forum. In fact, I'm new to the whole credit card thing - I have never owned a credit card before.


A little bit about myself:
I am an international student who has only been in the US for 1 month. Having heard a lot of information about building your credit is important in the US, I have decided to start looking for ways to begin. After getting my SSN I went straight to PNC to apply for their secured credit card. It is probably not the best secured card out there, as there is a monthly fee of $3. But since I am a PNC customer I think I should probably start here.


Looking for an unsecured card, I also applied for the Discover It credit card, as I have heard good things about them being nice to starters. After a pre-approval, I went ahead and applied for the Discover It Student Cash Back yesterday. I got a message asking me to call their customer service to verify my identity. After sending all the required documents I received a message saying that they will notify me when they have a decision after 5-7 days. Today when I go check the status I got approved for $1,750!


Thank you for reading my first post and hello everybody!

Discover is amazing. They never do HP for CLI unless you let them to. I got my 1st auto CLI 4 months after I got the card. I hope goes the same for you if not better!

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Re: My very first Credit Card approved!

Welcome to the forums!  You came to the right place where there's a WEALTH of information regarding credit and how it works.  Also, congratulations on getting your credit journey started!  Nice approvals!

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