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NFCU 91/3 2nd card approval plus small cli on 1st

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Re: NFCU 91/3 2nd card approval plus small cli on 1st

@AverageJoesCredit wrote:
@Fire6546, i am curious, maybe abit ignorant lol , but does the Army even have a Credit Union?. Ive never searched it and im pretty sure Air Farce, uhm, sorry, Air Force doesSmiley Wink. Sorry , majority of my family were SquidsSmiley Wink. I respect all Services but anyone who has served knows there is some fun rivalrySmiley Wink

@AverageJoesCredit   @Fire6546 -  I was just at the West Point NFCU branch.. and I did find some humor looking around the walls... Mostly pictures of Army/Navy football games and West Point campus stuff. It feels like (especially in branch) that Navy just has so much love they lose site of that rivalrySmiley Wink I grew up a "Navy Brat" always moving around from base to base, and most of the men in my family were Navy...and then theres me, Army medic. Definetly thankful for Navy right now!!

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