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NFCU 91/3 rule strikes again

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NFCU 91/3 rule strikes again

Well...I've been w NFCU since May (joined because of this board) refinanced my auto loan through them. Went From 20.9% too 4.99.

10 months ago I didn't even have a fico score, my FAKO from credit karma was showing a 580 TU 645 EQ
When my fico finally came back, from 8 years of not using credit,in June I had scores right around 700...

I have played the credit game about as good as you possibly can in the past 10 months acquiring 8 total cc
In July I applied for the cash rewards card hearing about all these high credit Limits w NFCU but my highest credit limit at the time was a $1000 target red card.

They pulled TU for the card and my score at the was a 730, and I was approved for measly $500....I can't lie I was pissed off,and kind of confused.
Then I started reading the NFCU approval threads and saw that this can sometime happen because NFCU has there own scoring system, I can't remember exactly what my internal score was but it was somewhere around a 300 I believe.

So anyhow I started reading that you should re apply after you wait 3 statements and 90 days...

The cash rewards bonus is currently if you charge $2500 in the 1st 90 days you get a $250 bonus in your rewards account that you can do anything I did that bonus, and it was definitely a pain in the butt...constantly paying for stuff and then having to pay the card off in full because of the $500SL..but I did it

So I had been thinking about testing the 90/3 rule out but was a bit apprehensive, do to the fact that I got such a low SL the last time...but yesterday I saw that my F9 Eq score was a I said screw it, my scores are high..just do it

I have never had a American express before, and in my mind that always seemed like a Un attainable goal..
So I just blanked my mind out and did it..filled out the app..hit submit and low and behold it said congratulations you have been approved
for a AE more Rewards card with a SL of $25000
I just nodded my head in disbelief..and said hell yeah..

The NFCU gods looked out for your boy today
Thank everyone for all the amazing information that these boards put out...this is a game changer for me..completely changes my UTI..I was at 12000 now up too $37000 in only 10 months...
8 months from getting my first secured capital one platinum card and secured Discover It
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Re: NFCU 90/3 rule strikes again

Congratulations on your approval!
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Re: NFCU 90/3 rule strikes again

Congratulations @Bhustle02 🎊🎉! Great job.

BTW I am doing the same thing now on the $250 Bonus. It is a pain, but I want the $250. Congrats again.

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Re: NFCU 90/3 rule strikes again

Congrats on the recovery and the big approval!

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(Lol so much for that grand plan...)
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Re: NFCU 90/3 rule strikes again

Thank you, I’m pumped

yea I did The bonus it literally went down to the last day..because I had made some charges and because my last charge was on a Thursday it didn’t clear until Monday and it just so happened that Monday was my 90th day
So call and make sure your dates are correct, because the last charge has to clear before the 90th day
And then they put the $250 in your rewards account as a credit...usually at the start of the following statement. I’m still waiting for my $250 now
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Re: NFCU 90/3 rule strikes again

Thanks. I have been putting almost everything through that card. All of my regular bills. I thought why not. It has been work though my SL is $500 too. I was happy to get approved.

I have to stay on track with my spending. That $250 will go in my saving. 🎊🎉🎈

I’m glad you made it @Bhustle02

CARDS: Discover It | QuickSilver One | Open Sky | Kohl’s | BB&T Spectrum Cash Rewards | NFCU CashRewards | OverStock
Starting Scores 05/2019: EQ:519, EX:525, TU:574
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Re: NFCU 91/3 rule strikes again

Congrats on your approval and monster SL!!
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Re: NFCU 91/3 rule strikes again

Congratulations !! Red Alert ! You Killed It !!

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Prune 91/3 or 180/6 (until NFCU says, YES, you have offers!) : Grab NFCU MR, close PPC & possibly Target; then cultivate my little garden and watch it grow!
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Re: NFCU 91/3 rule strikes again

Excellent approval, congrats Smiley Happy

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- Rhonda Byrne

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Re: NFCU 91/3 rule strikes again


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