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NFCU 91 day CLI

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Re: NFCU 91 day CLI

@pt91978 If my FICO8 scores are strong enough by my 91st day, I may apply for a 2nd NFCU card.  That's my plan anyways. Smiley Happy


I wish I had asked for a higher SL on my $300 secured nRewards card, the bank rep said I could increase it later.  I'd consider it, if the CLI was a SP(initially it was a HP) and if the increase would help position the card for a higher graduated amount later.

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Re: NFCU 91 day CLI

@tpdtopcop wrote:

So it's not six months for a CLI? My secured ncard went from $500 to $2000 unsecured Oct 4th statement. I product changed to go in November. I just hit love button and they asked how much I put in $10,000.  Haven't heard anything back yet. I just thought it was six months from last CLI. 

I was denied no HP but just noticed my EQ was frozen. Would they just email me to unfreeze instead of denial?

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Re: NFCU 91 day CLI

Yes I received a HP for the new card not for the CLI though 

Starting Scores: December 2017 450 Across

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