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NFCU - Approved 50K

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Re: NFCU - Approved 50K

Holy monster SL, Batman! Well done, and 50 thousand congratulations to you!

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Re: NFCU - Approved 50K

WOWZER! Congratulations on the approval! That's amazing! ⭐️😁⭐️


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Re: NFCU - Approved 50K

Congratulations on your approval and awesome starting limit! That's fantastic! 


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Re: NFCU - Approved 50K

plane congrats.gif


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Re: NFCU - Approved 50K

Congratulations 🍾🎉👍

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Re: NFCU - Approved 50K


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Re: NFCU - Approved 50K

Wow nice SL. Didn't know Navy federal gave limits that high anymore. Congrats 

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Re: NFCU - Approved 50K

@californiaboy935 wrote:

Like most things in life... this is a happy accident.  I got a parking ticket for parking on my street - with my permit - and they still upheld the parking ticket when I contested it saying "placard not in full view" all this to say I really wanted to pay by card so as not to waste a points opportunity with the feeless merchant processing system they were using.


Flash forward to two days befor the due date, yesterday evening, and I get the bright idea to apply for the Navy Federal Master Card Platinum.  From my account where i've had the CashRewards Visa for about a year now.  So background of that card, nothing but small purchases never nearing my credit limit (1k) and always paid before statment posting. 


I applied online through the membership portal "Open and Account" in the uper right hand corner.  To my great surprise, APPROVED - 50,800.00 Cash Advance Available 17,400.00 at 17.99% APR. Pulled Equifax Credit Report: 763


Super awesome for not a huge relationship.  I see what all the seasoned credit card cultivators here say about NFCU. Such a privilage to have men and women who fight for our country to protect our freedoms and liberty.  Thank you all for your service. And of course your amazing credit union.

Hot spit, 50K! Now that's a terrific SL! Love Navy. 👊🏻

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Re: NFCU - Approved 50K

Well hot dog!  Congrats!!!

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Re: NFCU - Approved 50K


Starting score - May 2018

April 2021

AAoA - 1 year 6 months
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