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NFCU Approved!

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NFCU Approved!

it was a tossup, I decided to go with NFCU.


I was able to join because of what I do for a living.  I figured it was worth it.  I agonized a bit over PenFed versus NFCU and really, though I have a longterm relationship with PF, NFCU has more ATMs down here that I can use, and, I can really use them as a BANK and not as a place to just put money. 


I won't leave PF completely, I like them though never had a card through them, they may be the ones to use when I need to refi my house though.

Will close CapOne when card is received!


Platinum card

Rate 8.24%

CL: 25,000





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Re: NFCU Approved!

Congratulations and welcome to the Navy Federal family! Smiley Happy

Favorite Cards : ~ Citi Double Cash World Elite MasterCard ~
~ American Express Blue Cash Preferred ~ Chase Hyatt Visa Signature ~
~ Citi AAdvantage World Elite MasterCard ~ Citi Prestige ~ Alaska Airlines Visa Signature ~ Discover it Miles ~
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Re: NFCU Approved!

not a bad reason to switch. Also, congrats on the great SL!

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Re: NFCU Approved!

Fantastic SL and APR, congrats on the approval !!
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Re: NFCU Approved!



Looks like a smart choice to me.

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Re: NFCU Approved!

Congratulations! Excellent CL and APR!

Daily Drivers: Penfed Platinum Rewards; NFCU GoRewards; Discover..
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Re: NFCU Approved!

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Re: NFCU Approved!

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Re: NFCU Approved!

Awesome congrats !!!
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Re: NFCU Approved!

Congratulations and Welcome to the home team...

Why not have a relationship with all 3 'girls' ?
The old saying goes if one person likes you be thankful
If two dig you, you've got options...
But if three
You da man/woman😂

Meaning you have value as well as options to leverage.

I may be a playa but I with all 3 of the chicks, you mentioned.

Cap-1 ain't leaving my wallet, cause they are a ride or die side chick

PenFed is the uptight, keep it right chick...whose mortgage rates might better and she can be generous on the odd days

Navy is the bottom chick, the one that gets the 1st thought in the a.m. & the last wink at night. Very generous under different circumstances, the easiest to deal with, less nag, more laugh chick...the even day chick

But again I'm a Dawg like options😃

All jk aside, sometimes one has better rates/ options depending on the scenario, so I keep a toothbrush and some clean underwear at all 3 may want to follow suit, just saying!
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