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NFCU - BOOM! 100k milestone!

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NFCU - BOOM! 100k milestone!

Just applied for NFCU with Navy League on Monday, called in today for a status update. 


They set-up my membership while I was on the phone.  I then went online and applied with the CashRewards and the CLOC.  Both went pending. I called and spoke to someone in CC and they said I was approved for 24k at 14.75 APR.  They transfered me to someone for the CLOC. I originally apped for 7.5k just to be safe, I wasn't sure if they countered or not so didn't want to start at 15k which is their max apparently. Spent about 10 minutes on the phone waiting and was apparently declined. I didn't push it because I was happy with the 24k CC. 


TU scores 696 as of today. 140k income. Couple of baddies from 4-5 years ago. This put me past the 100k mark!


NFCU and PenFed are incredible!  PenFed just approved me for 6.5k on the Power Cash card after joining Saturday. 



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Re: NFCU - BOOM! 100k milestone!


Breaking 100k is truly an accomplishment!

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Re: NFCU - BOOM! 100k milestone!

Congrats! Just got my NFCU Flagship today with just as positive results! One day, I'll be at that 100k CL!

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Re: NFCU - BOOM! 100k milestone!

Congratulations jtb2016 on your CashRewards approval nice job on that awesome SL! 😊
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Re: NFCU - BOOM! 100k milestone!

Congrats on you Navy approval.  That's a great SL!!

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