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NFCU Cash Rewards Approval w/Datapoints

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Re: NFCU Cash Rewards Approval w/Datapoints

Sounds about right GIJane.And i believe to add on should be 3 statement cuts and over 90 days, best time would be after they do a AR.
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Re: NFCU Cash Rewards Approval w/Datapoints

Congrats Bella! Welcome to the NFCU family! 

Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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Re: NFCU Cash Rewards Approval w/Datapoints

Congrats OP on getting in! 


I think you may be onto something re: UTI. I got instantly approved a little over a week ago for 12k SL on the cashRewards with a lower TU than yours (my internal is 314 somehow), equal inquiries, the same APR, but I have less than 1% UTI. There is nothing in my profile (very modest income and a couple of open, yet manageable, baddies) that I can see apart from my UTI that would have warranted that SL. 

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