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NFCU Cash Rewards CLI *Updated*

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Re: NFCU Cash Rewards CLI *Updated*

Well don't quit now ... you are hot today!!! Grats ...
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Re: NFCU Cash Rewards CLI *Updated*

@Dinosaur - Don't tempt me 😂😂😂
NFCU: [Cash Rewards $15k, Navcheck $15k], Citi: [AAdvantage WEM $4k, Costco $1k], Chase: [Hyatt $9k, Disney $4.5k, Freedom $1.5k], Barclaycard: [Rewards $2k, Apple Rewards $2k], Capital One: [QS $850, Platinum $750], Comenity Store Cards: $10k+ total, Citi Store Cards: $2k+ total, SYNCH Store Cards: $3k+ total, WFDS Auto Loan $45k, Ally Financial Auto Loan $65k
Jan 2017: EX 616, EQ 630, TU 633
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