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NFCU Flagship Approval


NFCU Flagship Approval

I have been following this board on and off for 3 years so in essence I might not be new but it is my first post.

I went through a seperation 4 years ago my FICO was at 540.

Thanks to humbling myself and living a minimalistic lifestyle for 2 years, I pulled myself out of the hell hole by taking two

jobs and starting over.

Although, I do have student loans from my MBA program which will take a while to pay off , I am in a good spot.

I went from a secured card with capital one $500 limit in 2014 to these AMEX Delta 3K  AMEX Blue 10K, NFCU GO Rewards 20K in 2016.

2017 I added the AMEX Platinum as I travel a lot and also got a 25k loan from Amex with a 6.98 apr and a SP. ( I have paid off half the loan)

NAVY Federal approved me today for the Flagship with a starting line of 25K, I did it online in 30 seconds.

I am nowhere near where I want to be, but I am headed in the right direction.

Navy and AMEx list my FICO as 790 but Credit Karma says TU: 725 , EQ: 733

Just wanted to write this as in inspiration to anyone lurking on these boards..that needs a little bit of inspiration.

I want to thank the contributors on this boards as this journey would not have been possible without you..


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Re: NFCU Flagship Approval

Congrats on your rebuild and on that insane new SL!!! 

Discover It: 19.7k
Amex Cash Magnet: 18k
Fidelity Visa: 4k
Apple Card: 3k
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Re: NFCU Flagship Approval

Congrats welcome to navySmiley Happy
EXP 771TU 786 EQ 756
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Re: NFCU Flagship Approval

Thank you !!

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Re: NFCU Flagship Approval

Yes pretty excited!!

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Re: NFCU Flagship Approval

Fantastic! first post in sharing those super positive results capped off with that NFCU Flagship Approval and Whopper SL!

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Re: NFCU Flagship Approval

Absolutely amazing jobSmiley Happy thank you for taking a moment to share your success with our communitySmiley Happy. Any lurkers out there, join in, we dont biteSmiley Happy...muchSmiley Wink
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Re: NFCU Flagship Approval

Welcome To myFICO Forums & Welcome to Navy!

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Re: NFCU Flagship Approval

@kapenten , much congrats on the approval, Navy has just been fantastic for me, and if you treat them well, they will in return! 


Welcome to the forms, and glad you decided to finally quit lurking and start posting! Smiley Happy

My rebuild worked for me, but won't necessarily work for you!
BK7 D/C- 08/2013...I'm in the home stretch now!
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Re: NFCU Flagship Approval


awesome congratulations GIF by Slanted Studios

CONGRATS @kapenten on your NFCU Flagship approval and your MASSIVE  Rebuild Success!!!

AMEX BCP $8K | AMEX Cash Magnet $15K | Citi DoubleCash WEMC $15.2K | Citi Rewards WMC $15.5K | Citi Costco VS $12K
Citi Custom Cash WEMC $7.8K | Synchrony (PayPal Credit $6K, Care Credit $15K, & PayPal 2% MC $10K, VENMO VS $6.5K)
PNC Cash Rewards VS $10.5K | NFCU cashRewards VS $14K | NFCU More Rewards AMEX $37.5K | NFCU Flagship Rewards VS $23K
Discover IT $22.5K | BB&T Cash Rewards $4.5K | Macy's AMEX $25K | Bloomingdales AMEX $20K | Apple Card WEMC $9K
PenFed Power Cash Rewards VS $7.5K

Total CL - $284K+
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