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NFCU Flagship Approval


Re: NFCU Flagship Approval

Grats to all your success and welcome to myFico Smiley Happy
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Re: NFCU Flagship Approval

Whoohoo! Navy strikes again. Congrats! That's a great CL.

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Re: NFCU Flagship Approval

Congrats on your successful rebuild and approval with an amazing SL! 

"Your ego is writing checks your body can't cash".
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Re: NFCU Flagship Approval

Congrats!!! You are headed in the right direction!

Les murs ont des oreilles .
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Re: NFCU Flagship Approval

Congratulations on your approval!

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Re: NFCU Flagship Approval

It’s so great when your hard work is rewarded! Congratulations!!!
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Re: NFCU Flagship Approval

@kapenten wrote:

I have been following this board on and off for 3 years so in essence I might not be new but it is my first post.

I went through a seperation 4 years ago my FICO was at 540.

Thanks to humbling myself and living a minimalistic lifestyle for 2 years, I pulled myself out of the hell hole by taking two

jobs and starting over.

Although, I do have student loans from my MBA program which will take a while to pay off , I am in a good spot.

I went from a secured card with capital one $500 limit in 2014 to these AMEX Delta 3K  AMEX Blue 10K, NFCU GO Rewards 20K in 2016.

2017 I added the AMEX Platinum as I travel a lot and also got a 25k loan from Amex with a 6.98 apr and a SP. ( I have paid off half the loan)

NAVY Federal approved me today for the Flagship with a starting line of 25K, I did it online in 30 seconds.

I am nowhere near where I want to be, but I am headed in the right direction.

Navy and AMEx list my FICO as 790 but Credit Karma says TU: 725 , EQ: 733

Just wanted to write this as in inspiration to anyone lurking on these boards..that needs a little bit of inspiration.

I want to thank the contributors on this boards as this journey would not have been possible without you..


Congratulations for not allowing obstacles to stand in your way. You are a shining example of what it means when someone says there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks for sharing your story and DPs. And many high fives to you!

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Re: NFCU Flagship Approval

@CreditMagic7 wrote:

Fantastic! first post in sharing those super positive results capped off with that NFCU Flagship Approval and Whopper SL!

Yes thank you!! It means a lot coming from you since you are a legend on these forums.

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Re: NFCU Flagship Approval

@CreditInspired, thank you for your kinds words!!!

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