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NFCU Flagship VS 3rd CLI

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Re: NFCU Flagship VS 3rd CLI


Do you remember your scores, #accts/inq#when you applied for the Platinum? That 5.99% beats loan rates almost as close as SSL

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Re: NFCU Flagship VS 3rd CLI

Congrats on your NFCU Flagship CLI!

Current FICO 8:

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Re: NFCU Flagship VS 3rd CLI

Congratulations on your approval!!

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Re: NFCU Flagship VS 3rd CLI

NFCU Plat 5.9% 25k - myFICO® Forums - 6296494

Here's the thread where i announced app/approval. NFCU was showing a 823 at that time.
Accounts under 24 at that time would have been 5. I had just app'd for the sapphire reserve which put me from 4/24 to 5/24, with plat making me 6/24. Inq's would have been a double from chase, TU for both the nfcu cards, a pull from i believe tu for the auto finance i did through nfcu, a pull from goldman for the apple card, and i think at that time there was an old pull for bbva. Something like 6-7 inq's under 24 but probably only 2-3 scorable.


Open Installments - Nfcu Auto, Cap1 Auto
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Re: NFCU Flagship VS 3rd CLI

Good progression detail of your data points with them. Useful-Thanks!

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