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NFCU Flagship the HARD Way ...

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NFCU Flagship the HARD Way ...

Well ... deep subject ... finished the NFCU "trifecta" and got the Flagship. Not the "usual way" mind you. So no congratulations needed or expected! ...


Called the ol' NFCU CS line and spoke with this nice fella last week on my initial FS application attempting to recon the denial. Apparently I have reached the internal ceiling that NFCU has tagged me with so the stand-alone app was a no-go from the get-go. I offered to rearrange some of my limits on my Platinum Visa & MC and they went for it!! ... woohoo  ... I can die happy now that I've gotten all their credit products Smiley Wink ...


Original rejection reasons were 1) Maxed out on NFCU internal limit and # of inquiries. I had to b#### (rhymes with itch) to the guy by telling him, "how in the H E double hockey sticks can you, in good conscience, list that as a reason to deny me when Navy owns 5 of the 7 inquiries on my TU report!?!?!" --- **crickets** --- "ummmm, well, ummmmmmmmmmm" (NFCU response).


They are still my fave CU but I do have issues occasionally that make no sense whatsover ...


A question for the masses in MyFico land ... to those of y'all that have reached your limit. Do they ever raise your internal limit and what/if/when can you start requesting CLs and such once you capped? Do they raise it based on new income/CR improvement/re-figuring your internal score?


Thanks to all and good luck to everyone looking for the elusive "NFCU trifecta" --- isn't hard to do if you get declined on the 3rd card ... just play Monopoly and rearrange your imits on existing cards ...

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Re: NFCU Flagship the HARD Way ...

Grats on the card, moving limit around is a way to get what you are after.
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Re: NFCU Flagship the HARD Way ...

What were your limits on the other cards prior to the reallocate to the third card?

Your income range? I have gotten the max exposure before only to get an increase very soon after.

Your DPs may help others in this situation.
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Re: NFCU Flagship the HARD Way ...

NFCU does change your internal limit.  6 months ago I was told I had reached the internal limit as a reason for denial of a CLI,  since then my score as improved from mid 600's to mid to low 700's and I was approved for a CLI from $16,100 to 23,000 today and also a few weeks ago a third card the Platinum card with a 7k limit.  Income has actually gone down so it is clearly score based in my case.

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Re: NFCU Flagship the HARD Way ...

Congrats on the Navy trifecta!

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Re: NFCU Flagship the HARD Way ...

yes your internal limit is based on many more factors than income. such as scores, DTI, age of accounts with them in good standing, etc. and more. so dont give up. keep on smashing them CLIs and pestering them lol. although id say give it about 6 months first, since youve clearly just reached a limit. give it time. 

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1 collection charge off paid April '17 ($500 GTE FCU) went over 120+ days late on it account closed. PIF to CA

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Re: NFCU Flagship the HARD Way ...

I'm sorry jnbmom, I forgot to list DPs ... I really need to sit down and figure out the footer part so I can put them all in the footer and won't have to remember to list each post ...


Here we geaux ... (Cajun for "go") ... Smiley Wink


FICO Scores:


Equifax (source DCU) 696 (07/26) --- I think they use the Mortgage 4/5 version.

Equifax (source NFCU) 655 FICO 9 (07/09)

Equifax (source Citi) 641 BankCard 8 (06/29)

Experian (Exp site) 671 FICO 8 (07/28)


I don't have FICO score for TU as I refuse to pay their ransom just for their score ... I just access my report via their TU Credit Monitoring site.


What I did was ... I had opened my first NFCU card (Platinum Visa) past January and have a $10K limit currently. I opened the Platinum MC at my 91/3 on the Visa and received a $20K limit on it. I moved $10K of the MC limit to open the Flagship. My APR on the Plt Visa is 15.24%; on the Plt MC 13.24% and 18.00% on the Flagship (smh). I'm going to ask on my anniversary date this coming January on the Visa for APR drop to match the MC @ 13.24% ... the 18% on the Flagship is ridiculous so they won't see much on it until they drop it. My best APR of all cards is the 11.75% on my DCU Platinum Visa. But, I only have a $1500 CL on it. I apped for increase on it over the weekend, but called DCU this A.M. and it was shot down ... DCU is quick to give you a card, but stingy thereafter ...


Income is 50K

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Re: NFCU Flagship the HARD Way ...

Congrats on your NFCU flagship

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