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NFCU GoRewards

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Re: NFCU GoRewards



As others have said in no time at all we'll be reading about your CLI on this card.

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Re: NFCU GoRewards

Congrats on your approval; the SL suggests its time to garden for at least a few months.

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Re: NFCU GoRewards

Hi Might I ask what is on your CR that you only received $500? 699 is a pretty good score for NFCU cards. Do you have short history or derogatories? Im curious and it may be helpful for us to learn
EX - TU - EQ FICO8's
Mar-2018 - 550/580/610 -
Jun-2018 - 637/655 /704
09-Sep-2018 - 732 /748/778 - Inqs12mo - 3/3/9
Thanks to you all Smiley Happy
Oldest 12.2yr - AAoA - 30months
NFCU 25k + 3k->9k + 12k ----- USAA/CrapOne - 1.3k --- F-Hut - 0.087k LOL
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Re: NFCU GoRewards

Hi, no derogs, or negatives but average age of accounts only about 8 or 9 months. Perfect payment history, no lates. Went on an App spree before this card though.
First credit card opened in Sept. 2017. No baddies. AAoA: 11 months.
Current Fico8 : Exp : 704/19 inq | Trans : 714/20 inq | Eq : 688/20 inq |
NFCU CLOC:$15,000

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