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NFCU New account and CashRewards approval

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Re: NFCU New account and CashRewards approval

It must be a good month to join NFCU.  I too became part of the family this year with the cashRewards card for $2k!  I have to work on reduces my overall balances, but I am hoping this relationship grows.  Congrats on your success. 

Starting Score: 555/567/570- Aug 2017 (TU)646 (EQ) 626, (EX) 635-Goa 750l: UPDATE 2021 (TU) 623, (EQ) 584, (EXP) 598 Current VISA-MC-Amex Credit Cards |NFCU-CashReward-$2k|USSA Visa- $500lAmex USAA-secured Merrick-$1,900ll Amex Delta Sky Miles- $1k
, |Nordstrom-$2100|Neiman Marcus-$700|Credit One Bank $850/$500 / Capital One Journey $700/ Capital One Quicksilver One $1650/Target $600/KohlsStore $300/Personal Loans $14k
Garden Until 2/2022 removing all 18 collection baddies and decrease UTILto less than 5%
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Re: NFCU New account and CashRewards approval

Welcome to NFCU! I am truly enjoying being a member! And congrats on your Cash Rewards approval. Nice card to have!

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