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NFCU Plat Approval

Senior Contributor

Re: NFCU Plat Approval

A real nice approval, tmr. Congratulations!

Starting Score: (5/24/2018) -- FICO 08 EXP: 643; FICO 08 TU: 642; FICO 08 EQ: 677
Current Score (3/12/2021): FICO 08 EXP: 748; TU: 755; EQ: 773
2020 Goal Score: 760 across the board

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Re: NFCU Plat Approval

Congratulations! Welcome to the Navy 8.24% Platinum club! 🍻 

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Valued Contributor

Re: NFCU Plat Approval

Very nice SL & Rate!  May they be as generous to me! (they begged me today to apply...  some promotion going on)



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Re: NFCU Plat Approval

Congrats on your new card

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