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NFCU Platinum Approval ************$15,000.00

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Re: NFCU Platinum Approval ************$15,000.00

Congratulations on your approval and nice SL!!!!

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Re: NFCU Platinum Approval ************$15,000.00

@M_Smart007 wrote:

@ChargedUp wrote:

Congrats 007! Dancing.gifDancing.gifDancing.gif


Now... There's this little place we call "The Garden"... I think you may have heard of it.

@ChargedUp  .."The Garden" It's possible?, ..someone had better fill the escape tunnel with cement!


I always thought those were gopher holes confused.gif

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Re: NFCU Platinum Approval ************$15,000.00

Congratulations!! 👍👍 That's a great SL!

Last HP 08-07-2023

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Re: NFCU Platinum Approval ************$15,000.00



When stepping out of the garden, it's always nice to see that it was worthwhile!

07/01/23 Fico 8: EX 785, EQ 787, TU 788.
Fico 9: EX 763 05/22/23, EQ 775 06/03/23, TU No idea.

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Re: NFCU Platinum Approval ************$15,000.00

@M_Smart007 wrote:


Well, Just had to end the year with one moreSmiley LOL


This makes My 21st Approval in just under 12 Months!

Honestly I was suprised on The ApprovalSmiley Surprised

Do Not try this at Home! unless you are @Anonymous Smiley Very Happy


Applied at 2:36pm Today.


Pulled TU

TU 770 (as of today)

AAoA 2.5 Years

AoYA 2 Months

9% Utiilization (Until Payments hit)

29/24 Inquiries

41 Open Accounts

14 Closed Accounts

3 Store Cards

1 NFCU SSL (Open)

No Mortgage

No Baddies/Lates/Derogs/BK's


I guess My Garden Goals Start overSmiley Tongue  ..they weren't good this year anyhow!


Screenshot has all the rest, Including @Mahraja Famous APR rateSmiley Tongue

(will work on that next year after 0%

0% intro APR on balance transfers for 12 months.


Had Then Send Expidited FedEx


Larger Screenshot "HERE" 



Edited for AAoA error and Expidited shipping.

That's a great limit on a great card!!  screamer.gif  Smiley Very Happy


My own Platinum turned four years old last month (how time flies!) and with a little luck it will have a nice BT offer in a few months. Smiley Happy  I'm a big fan... it's hard to beat NFCU!  Smiley Very Happy



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Re: NFCU Platinum Approval ************$15,000.00


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Re: NFCU Platinum Approval ************$15,000.00

Congrats @M_Smart007 ! had to give you one of the fancy congrats art you usually do. LOL! Had to Google who the heck the creditor was. Yahoo Cowboy! Smiley Very Happy

  Happy Holidays! 🌲

Homeowner Sept 2020. 2021 Explorer ST Chase 3.1%. Sharing my recovery after BK from learning here. Started 540's. EX FICO 9 801 as of 05/03/2023. I stayed around to pay it forward for those who helped me back then.
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Re: NFCU Platinum Approval ************$15,000.00

Wow!! CONGRATS!!👍👍👍

🤣🤣Jago22! That’s no lie!

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Re: NFCU Platinum Approval ************$15,000.00

@M_Smart007 Congratulations.. also are you working your way towards the infamous Garden Recycle Bin award?



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Re: NFCU Platinum Approval ************$15,000.00

Grats SmartieSmiley Happy. Thats A HUGE B#@/% Smiley Wink- Deuce🙋‍♂️
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