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NFCU Platinum "SP" CLI ******Approved!

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Re: NFCU Platinum "SP" CLI ******Approved!

Awesome! Congratulations on your CLI!

September 2021: Experian 717 Equifax 705 Transunion 725

Cards I Have:
Cap One QS: $600 (Sock drawer) || Cap One QS1: $4,100 (Sock drawer) || Discover It: $4,900 || Cap One Walmart: $600 (Sock drawer) || AMEX BCP: $1,000 || Amazon Prime Store Card: $6,000 || Overstock Store Card: $7,550 || FNBO Rewards Visa: $2,600 || Discover Cash Back: $2,000

Wishlist Cards:
Citi Double Cash || Paypal Mastercard || Cap One Savor || Citi Custom Cash

Gardening from 03/18/2021 to 04/18/2023 (ideally)
Total Utilization: 9%
Inquiries: Exp: (4) Trans: (1) Equif: (0)
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Re: NFCU Platinum "SP" CLI ******Approved!

Grats on your move up!

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Re: NFCU Platinum "SP" CLI ******Approved!


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Re: NFCU Platinum "SP" CLI ******Approved!

As always @M_Smart007 another awesome win...enjoy! Smiley Wink

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