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NFCU Success

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Re: NFCU Success

@Musiclover wrote:

Awesome! If baller would adopt me, maybe I would be eligible to join. Smiley Happy

Apparently all you have to do is join Navy League. People are joining left and right that route

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Re: NFCU Success

It's become much easier to get into NFCU.  We've been in since the early 90's.  Back then, you not only had to either be in the navy OR be navy dependent.  When we joined, you actually had to join during or after a an overseas deployment.  Congratulations!


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Re: NFCU Success

I got in when I just told them my grandfather was in the military. Didn't ask questions on name or anything. Congrats on your success and awesome low APR
i am on mobile so i don't see your desktop signatures
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