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NFCU and Twitter! (Imagine that?)

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Re: NFCU and Twitter! (Imagine that?)

Congratulations!!!! Never would have thought to tweet!!!!!

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Re: NFCU and Twitter! (Imagine that?)

Yeah they have an awesome social media presence! It seems like they're online with Twitter almost all day long! I've even had luck with facebook posts!

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Re: NFCU and Twitter! (Imagine that?)

Congrats to you !!!

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Re: NFCU and Twitter! (Imagine that?)

Thanks for all of the "Congratulations" guys! I went on a quick vacay so I didn't have a chance to provide an update:


I applied for and was approved for the CLOC last week. I had to provide 2 paystubs and July's bank statement, but then I was approved almost right away via a text message. I don't know for sure how much I was approved for, but I applied for the full $15,000.


I was denied the Cash Rewards with a 669 TU. I sent a secure message and attached my pay stubs, they re-evaluated my app, but still denied me. I'll try again in October when my util is down on my cards---> thus far this summer I've charged a Jamaica trip, Vegas trip, a Lake Tahoe hiking trip and bought a new bed yeah, I'm SURE util was the problem. Smiley Very Happy


I just received my ATM debit card in the mail so now I can make deposits.


Thanks for all of the info and encourage!

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Re: NFCU and Twitter! (Imagine that?)

You can fund with a credit card or debit card over the phone, visa or Mastercard only i think.

Congrats, also!
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