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NFCU and credit journey. 95 day magic. MUST read!

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NFCU and credit journey. 95 day magic. MUST read!

I need to share the most exciting credit journey with you.

In May I had only one open account on my CR - an $87 fingerhut acct and 2 closed acct's from 2006/2011


On May 16 I apped with NFCU:

-Membership EQ HP

-CashRewards. Approved 3k EQ HP

-Flagship Denied (EQ HP I cant recall but def not TU)

-CLOC 7,500 Denied TU HP


 On day 91 (Aug 15th) I apped for:

CLI on CashRewards - Not denied or approved (had bureaus locked, they tried TU first, then EQ then EX too)

New Flagship - APPROVED $25,000 - EQ HP


On day 95:

CLOC - $12,000 - INSTANT APPROVAL (no HP yet for some reason, TU and EX frozen but no EQ pull yet)

Same night, called in to process CLI. They countered my $15,000 request with $9,000


With NFCU on day 91 through 95 of membership: 9k CLI on CashRew, new Flagship 25k SL and new CLOC 12k instant approval



*Truly thank you* to each one of you on this forum who participates in all of the discussions and helps other members.


Now, I can garden and watch my FICO's go sky high and enjoy financial stability with my wife and 1 year old.


If anyone is in need of data points please let me know  By no means do I have a strong credit profile as of today:


AAoA - 3.7yrs EQ (1.9yrs TU)

AAoOA - 4 months

Lates - zero

Collections - EQ zero, TU 1 from 2016 (for deletion soon)


On May 1st 2018: $0 revolving credit limit, 1 open acct, not enough data to generate FICO score.

August 19 2018: $49,000 revolving limit ($1,000 USAA, $300 CapOne, NFCU $47,700)

EX - TU - EQ FICO8's
Mar-2018 - 550/580/610 -
Jun-2018 - 637/655 /704
09-Sep-2018 - 732 /748/778 - Inqs12mo - 3/3/9
Thanks to you all Smiley Happy
Oldest 12.2yr - AAoA - 30months
NFCU 25k + 3k->9k + 12k ----- USAA/CrapOne - 1.3k --- F-Hut - 0.087k LOL
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