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NFCU are Dumbells!

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Re: NFCU are Dumbells!

Congrats and LOL @ clickbait title.

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Re: NFCU are Dumbells!

@tnhomestead wrote:

Was reading this forum, been worki g on cleaning up debt. Joined NFCU a while back and was turned down for a car loan. Never bothered to try for anything else until tonight. Have not 2 creditone cards 1600 limit / 300? One verve 1100 limit/ 0? 2 capitalone cards walmart/quicksilver 300/200 and 500/300. So what's NFCU do? Approves me for 5100! I hate saying this since I was air force and this hurts but GO NAVY! Now to wash my mouth out! lol oh still have 3 charge offs on credit report to pay


What an awesome story,

enjoyed reading it!!!

Congrats on the Navy luv,

Hey any port in a storm right? LOL


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